About Mur-Cal Services

Mur-Cal Services Ltd. (Mur-Cal) is a diversified services company operating in the oil, gas, forestry and mining industries.  At present the company is focused on Clearing, Grubbing, Site Grading, Logging and Pipeline Integrity work. Mur-Cal has been in business since 2004 and has their main office and yard in Grande Prairie with a full complement of equipment. To service our clients we also have a business development office in Calgary and are in the early stages of opening a satellite office in Kelowna.


Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

To be a market leader in our industry, delivering beyond expectation, always.

Our Mission:

To procure projects at a competitive price, provide safe working conditions, deliver quality work on time and on budget and provide opportunities for First Nation members to participate in the development of their traditional lands.


Mur-Cal is an employee and service driven company focused on creating a business that provides workers with a safe and stable work environment. Client focus is our top priority while, at the same time, maintaining a 100% focus on Occupational and Process Safety. This focus on safety and quality ensures a safe workplace as well as a product that satisfies public safety and meets or exceeds regulatory requirements. Integrity in our work is the key to our success – UNDERSTAND the work, say what you DO and DO what you say. We supply reliable and knowledgeable people who embody this philosophy.


Achieving Safety and Quality Excellence

Our people are crucial in the delivery of services to our clients. To provide excellence in safety and quality our goal is to ensure that our people are equipped with the right skills, relevant experience and the right attitude. We believe firmly in providing the appropriate training, practical knowledge and best in class equipment for our people in order for them to execute their duties and responsibilities competently and confidently. Our training program ensures that we stay current to the changing needs of our clients and for public safety. We provide our people technical and management skills not only through training but through practical mentorship. We strive for an incident free workplace and believe that all employees and contractors are responsible for safety and quality. Our “Occupational and Process Safety (Quality) Program” happens through planning, attention, discipline and documentation to ensure our workplace is safe and our product is delivered to the highest standards.

About HS&E
Our HS&E Policy

Aboriginal Relations

Mur-Cal Oilfield was established in 2004. During its twelve year history Mur-Cal has quietly developed into a highly diversified company with strong aboriginal relations.

Our Mission

Mur-Cal is committed to maintaining a key percentage of aboriginal workers, keeping current working relationships within Aboriginal communities strong and developing new relations with local bands and communities. We also work to enhance community involvement and strive to find new ways to ensure aboriginal traditions stay strong.

Strive to Maintain Aboriginal Workforce

We strive to maintain a workforce that recognizes the need to involve First Nations, Metis and local communities. We involve local and band owned business when practical but more importantly create relationships that allow local employment opportunities. We look to build customer partnerships that align with this core value. We recognize that these relationships work to the advantage of all stakeholders and are based on mutual respect and cooperation between all partners.

A Strong Working Relationship

Mur-Cal Oilfield has a commitment to achieving a strong working relationship with the Aboriginal community. In doing so, we strive to foster a sense of mutual trust and respect while assuring clear, two-way communication.
As a First Nation’s company we promote the use of other First Nation companies on all of our major projects, including equipment and workers. It is of great importance for First Nation members to participate in the development of their traditional lands. We believe working together to help First Nation communities thrive will help ensure growth and opportunity for all.

Community Involvement

Mur-Cal takes pride in contributing to community events, especially those that involve First Nation activities. Over the years we have sponsored many sports teams and activities within many different communities.

Treaty 8 First Nations of Alberta and B.C.

Chipewyan Prairie
Bigstone Cree Nation
Kee Tas Kee Now
Loon River
Lubicon Lake
Whitefish Lake
Woodland Cree
Peerless Trout First Nation # 478
Sucker Creek
Horse Lake
Kelly Lake Cree Nation
Kelly Lake First Nation
Sauteau – British Columbia
West Moberly – British Columbia

Treaty 6 First Nations of Alberta

Goodish/Whitefish Lake
Heart Lake

Metis Communities

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement
Kikino Metis Settlement
Metis Region # 1 Settlement
Kelly Lake Metis Settlement

What Can We Do For You?


  • Civil Earthworks
  • Lease and road building
  • Road Maintenance
  • Plant Site preparation
  • Reclamation
  • Bridge work construction
  • Project support
  • Heavy hauling and transportation

Oilfield Clearing

  • Pipeline right of way
  • Lease clearing
  • Drill pad clearing
  • Bunching, skidding, processing & mulching
  • Heavy hauling and transportation


  • General clearing
  • Log hauling
  • Heavy hauling and transportation

Pipeline Integrity Services

  • Excavation and repair of operating pipelines
  • Remediation and reclamation of existing pipelines
About Our Services

Our Projects

Mur-Cal takes on the role of the “Prime Contractor” for projects, including but not limited to: pipeline right of way and lease clearing, civil earthworks, building of lease and access roads, compressors and drill pads, reclamation and contamination cleanup and maintenance pipeline integrity digs.

Our Projects

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    GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alberta – Mur-Cal Services Ltd. (Mur-Cal) announces the executive addition of Robert Morin as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Morin is a Chartered Accountant and brings over twenty years of finance and accounting experience in both publicly traded and private companies.  He has extensive......