Mur-Cal Services Ltd. Announces Name Change

GRANDE PRAIRIE, Alberta – Mur-Cal Oilfield Clearing Ltd. has changed its name to Mur-Cal Services Ltd. This change was made to better reflect the diversified operations of the company.
Mur-Cal Services Ltd. has four operating divisions: Construction, Pipeline and Facility Infrastructure Services, Oilfield Clearing and Logging. The services provided by each division are as follows:

• Civil Earthworks
• Lease and road building
• Road Maintains
• Plant Site preparation
• Reclamation
• Bridge work construction
• Project support
• Heavy hauling and transportation

Pipeline and Facility Infrastructure Services
• Excavation of operating pipelines
• Coating removal
• Sandblasting
• Welding and or recoating
• Backfill & reclamation
• Facility construction & maintenance
• Compressor sites

Oilfield Clearing
• Pipeline right of way
• Lease clearing
• Drill pad clearing
• Bunching, skidding, processing & mulching
• Heavy hauling and transportation

• General clearing
• Log hauling
• Heavy hauling and transportation

For Further Information please contact:

Murray Callihoo


Bruce Wells
Vice President Business Development

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