Our Commitment

Our people are crucial in the delivery of services to our clients. To provide excellence in safety and quality our goal is to ensure that our people are equipped with the right skills, relevant experience and the right attitude. We believe firmly in providing the appropriate training, practical knowledge and best in class equipment for our people in order for them to execute their duties and responsibilities competently and confidently. Our training program ensures that we stay current to the changing needs of our clients and for public safety. We provide our people technical and management skills not only through training but through practical mentorship. We strive for an incident free workplace and believe that all employees and contractors are responsible for safety and quality. Our “Occupational and Process Safety (Quality) Program” happens through planning, attention, discipline and documentation to ensure our workplace is safe and our product is delivered to the highest standards.


Mur-Cal is a registered member and is 100% compliant with ISN, Complyworks and PICS.

Mur-Cal has held a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from partnerships in safety & health since 2004.

Health, Safety and Environmental Policy

Our company policy is to provide, maintain and enforce a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, customers and the general public.

You are a key component of our operation and we require your input, assistance and cooperation in establishing and maintaining a successful safety program.

Our primary goal is to attain a ZERO incident/accident work site to ensure the protection of personnel, property and the environment within our organization.

It is the responsibility of management to establish and maintain adequate standards, procedures, and regulations that meet or exceed legislated safety standards. This will ensure physical and health hazards are guarded against or eliminated. Management must also develop work procedures conductive to industrial accident-free and disease-free production.

It is the responsibility of the supervisor to make sure that each worker is adequately trained in his/her job and to ensure that his/her subordinates are aware of all the safety procedures on the job site. The supervisor should be alert to any unsafe acts that they might observe or have brought to their attention and to take steps to assure that such acts are not repeated. He/she should also maintain a channel of communication between management and workers so that matters pertaining to safety can be given early attention. He/she should be fully supportive of and administer management’s safety policies and procedures.

The workers’ responsibilities are to perform their duties in accordance with management policy and procedures. This will include the proper use of personal protective equipment when required, to report all unsafe acts and conditions that they might observe and to make recommendations that would culminate such hazards, to refrain from horseplay or other activities that might be hazardous to themselves or to others, to assure that they are mentally and physically fit to perform their assigned duties prior to the assumption of such duties.

Everyone has the right and responsibility to refuse to do work when unsafe conditions exist. By fulfilling our safety responsibilities, everyone who works for Mur-Cal Oilfield Clearing Ltd. will share the benefits of a safe workplace.

All Safety procedures as designated by our customers will be strictly adhered to and where conflict arises on Safety standards the highest standard will be utilized.

Dated this­ 28 day of May, 2014


Murray Callihoo

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