Our Mission

Mur-Cal is committed to conserving the diversity and function of the environment by practicing responsible stewardship on the sites entrusted to its management. Mur-Cal is responsible to ensure its business activities do not result in damage to the environment that could compromise the developmental and environmental needs of present and future generations.

Mur-Cal will, at a minimum, comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulation and will strive to ensure environmental standards are consistently achieved or surpassed. Mur-Cal will ensure there are site specific internal policies and procedures implemented with due consideration for sustainable environmental, social and economic values of the work site and ancillary sites.

Erosions and Sediment Control

Job planning will be conducted pre-job, during construction, and after construction. Pre-job meetings will be held to plan for the least amount of disturbance as necessary and what control measures need to be put into place. Job planning shall be conducted during construction to ensure that erosion and sediment control measures are in place and the procedures are being followed. Post-job planning shall be in place to ensure that temporary controls have been removed and that all potential problem areas have been addressed.

When clearing, stripping land, and excavating during construction activities the schedule will include a plan to minimize the amount of time that the bare soil is left exposed and to minimize the extent of soil exposure at any one time in order to reduce the amount of erosion and sedimentation that occurs.

When activities require a disturbance of the soil Mur-Cal will utilize erosion control devices as necessary to prevent erosion and ultimately to help prevent sedimentation. Examples of erosion control devices that may be used included: temporary seeding, temporary mulching, permanent sodding, erosion control blankets, and vegetative buffer strips.

Entry and exit points for any water runoff will be controlled with the use of sediment control devices to prevent sediment from entering any waterways. Commonly, storm drain inlets are protected to prevent sediment from entering the storm drain. Examples of sediment control devices that may be used include: silt fencing, straw bales, storm inlet traps, sediment ponds, rock check dams, and intercepting berms.

When erosion and sediment control devices are in use, Mur-Cal will l ensure that an inspection and maintenance plan is in place for these devices. A set inspection schedule should be established to view all areas where erosion and sediment control devices are used as well as all disturbed areas. Any erosion or sediment control devices that are found to be damaged or deficient during the inspection shall be corrected as soon as possible. Maintenance must also include removing sedimentation to prevent a breakthrough.

Mur-Cal employees that are responsible for erosion and sediment control devices must be competent in the design, installation, and maintenance of the devices. Training may be performed in-house or by a 3rd Party.


Mur-Cal will come equipped to site with the proper spill containment kits and will comply with all the applicable regulations with regard to clean-up, disposal and reporting. Mur-Cal will ensure that equipment brought to site has been inspected to ensure proper working order and documentation of inspections.

Waste Water/Solids

The content of any wastewater will be known before discharging. If the contents of the wastewater are hazardous (toxic, corrosive, flammable, etc.), the wastewater will be disposed of in a facility authorized to dispose of hazardous waste. Mur-Cal will coordinate with the project site or owner to ensure proper disposal of wastewater and/or solids. For example, the contractor must ensure the owner is aware of how waste is disposed of to ensure compliance with applicable permits. Mur-Cal will provide the affected employees training on the requirements of handling and disposal of waste. Training may be performed in-house or by a 3rd Party.

General Waste Management

Prior to work being performed Mur-Cal will estimate the waste that will be generated so that the need for containers and waste removal, if necessary, can be determined. Mur-Cal will coordinate with the client to ensure proper disposal of wastes or scrap materials.

A designated person(s) will be accountable for disposition of wastes generated at each work site. Mur-Cal will assign a worker (or workers depending on size of project) who will be accountable for disposition of wastes generated at the work site.

Proper PPE such as gloves must be worn when handling waste. All project related wastes must be stored and maintained in an organized fashion to encourage proper disposal and minimize risks to employee (e.g. waste receptacles). Employees are instructed on the proper handling, storage, and disposal of wastes at tailgate meetings.

Where possible Mur-Cal will recycle or reuse materials.

Environmental Risk Management

Mur-Cal will retain access to a company that can mobilize experienced environmental technicians and equipment of all sizes to handle “out of scope” or unanticipated incidents. This company will be available on an as-needed basis to ensure and will be familiar with the scope of in the unlikely event that any additional environmental assessments, monitoring or remediation is necessary due to any “unexpected” events.