Mur-Cal Services Ltd. is a diversified services company operating in the oil, gas, utility and forestry industries. Our fully integrated service lines include Clearing & Logging, Civil Earthworks and Transportation. We own and operate a best-in-class equipment fleet, along with in-house maintenance and transport capacities that deliver 360-degree service to our clients.

What Can We Do For You?

Clearing & Logging

  • Linear right of way clearing
  • Drill site, lease and access road clearing
  • All inclusive of bunching, skidding, processing & mulching
  • Log haul and mill interface management

Civil Earthworks

  • Lease and multi-pad lease
  • Road access construction and maintenance
  • Plant and compressor sites and water pit development
  • Reclamation and remediation
  • Project survey support


  • Equipment hauling
  • Log hauling
  • Gravel and earth hauling (extraneous haul)
About Our Services