Aboriginal Partnerships

The president and owner of Mur-Cal is an Aboriginal entrepreneur. As a strong, independently-owned Aboriginal company, we continue to successfully partner with Indigenous communities and create business and employment opportunities for Indigenous workers. We involve local and band-owned businesses when practical, but, more importantly, we create relationships that allow local employment opportunities.

These relationships work to the advantage of all stakeholders and are based on mutual respect and cooperation between all partners. We look to build customer partnerships that align with this core value.

Our contracting philosophy includes the establishment of project-specific agreements with Bands or Associations which are built on trust and long-term relationships.  This creates a framework for shorter duration agreements which allows both Parties business flexibility and to participate freely in the larger economy without being encumbered by long-term agreements.

We are proud to have worked successfully on a project-specific basis with numerous Aboriginal associations and bands over the past 14 years and continue to do so as part of our business development and growth.