Mur-Cal takes on the role of the “Prime Contractor” for projects, including but not limited to: pipeline right of way and lease clearing, civil earthworks, building of lease and access roads, compressors and drill pads, reclamation and contamination cleanup and maintenance pipeline integrity digs.

Our Service Philosophy

Safety – Focus on giving our people clear expectations around what safety excellence looks like; and the behaviours required to achieve incident free performance.

Customer Service – Achievement of service excellence by working with and listening to our customers, being safe every day, providing a high quality consistent product and being cost competitive.

Best in Class Equipment – The average age of our equipment is less than 4 years. We have state-of-the-art repair facilities and field mechanical support to eliminate downtime and provide a safer work environment.

Quality – We strive to continuously improve our safety and process controls. Our dedication to continuous improvement allows us to turnover successful projects that satisfy our clients’ project expectations and regulatory needs.


Birchcliff Energy

Scope: Civil Earthworks for Water Pond Development


Atco Electric

Scope: Clearing Services and Access Road for a New Transmission Line (approx. 200 hectares)


CNRL Septimus Project

Scope: Civil earth works for a multi-pad drill site, water ponds and access roads


TransCanada Pipelines

Scope: Clearing services for TowerBirch expansion project



Scope: Civil Earthworks for Wapiti Plant Site



Scope: Access Road upgrade Project



Mur-Cal provided Civil Earth Works and Clearing Services for numerous upstream Oil & Gas companies totaling > $20MM. Companies included Paramount, CNRL, Harvest Energy, Taqa North, Shell, Seven Generations, XTO and other.



Scope: Clearing Services for Boundary Lake Pipeline Project



Mur-Cal provided Civil Earth Works and Clearing Services for numerous Upstream, Midstream and Downstream companies in the Oil and Gas Industry including Pembina, TransCanada, Access Pipeline and Kinder Morgan. Clearing Services provided for single projects ranged from a single day project to projects valued at over $20MM.