Our Strategy,
Your Advantage

Our vision is to be a market leader in our industry delivering beyond expectations; always. Mur-Cal has built three integrated divisions that work together seamlessly to optimize the client experience and eliminate the need for third-party contractors. Our team offers decades of industry experience and exceptional bench strength to plan and execute projects with a “practical construction-driven approach.”  Mur-Cal’s in-house expertise includes professionals who understand your project’s needs from multiple angles. This experience can help with a practical approach to estimating and planning a project to ensure that clients receive a quality product at the right cost.

Clearing & Logging

Mur-Cal began as a business focused on linear clearing projects. We remain one of the most reliable and efficient clearing contractors in the industry and have taken on projects as large as 360 kilometers (Manning to Wabasca) for TransCanada and an equally large project with the Access Pipeline Looping. The business naturally migrated into the logging industry allowing us to leverage personnel and equipment across divisions to create efficiencies for our clients. Our clearing and logging equipment, and operators, are best-in-class, and our client base spans from upstream through to the downstream portion of oil and gas, as well as forestry and utility industries.

Civil Earthworks

Mur-Cal’s civil division takes over when the clearing and logging is complete. We provide all necessary person power and equipment for site works that include civil works for larger developments such as pad and lease development, plant sites, water pits and access road construction. We have completed site grading on numerous projects for companies including Birchcliff, Paramount Resources, CNRL, SemCams, Keyera, Atco Electric, TransCanada and numerous other owner companies.


Our fleet of highway tractors includes 21 Peterbilt trucks and a large fleet of trailers of all sizes and configurations.  We provide trucking services to our internal divisions, as well as third-party trucking services that require the quality of equipment and trucking services that Mur-Cal owns and deploys. Having this capacity within the divisions has allowed our company to provide integrated services for clients who need “one stop shopping” in the development of their projects.

Capacity In-House

Survey & GPS

Mur-Cal can offer in-house design changes to engineering drawings as necessary, creating a collaborative approach to the final grade and site plan. Our survey technician works with our construction team to assist clients with any changes to field design in real time. This saves clients both in the cost of construction and in iterative third-party design while allowing work to continue uninterrupted.  Mur-Cal has invested substantially in GPS technology. The Trimble GPS base and Rover unit allows us to measure volumes and provide improved accuracy on all projects.

Our goal is to provide our clients reliable, safe, high quality work in real time.  By utilizing a field technician to verify onsite design as necessary and use of GPS Machine Control, Mur-Cal can provide best-in-class service in the construction of roads, leases, plant sites or any other civil earth works.

Our Equipment

Mur-Cal maintains and continually upgrades our fleet of over 140 pieces of wholly owned equipment.  Our logging and clearing division boasts one of the most modern fleets of skidders, bunchers, processors and mulchers in the industry, and our civil works division contains all the requisite equipment to manage and build roads and sites to the latest industry standards.  This includes excavators, dozers, packers, loaders, scrapers and graders.  Our large shop centered in Grande Prairie focuses on the maintenance and repairs of our equipment, and we employ field mechanics to support our work in the field.  We make every effort to keep equipment “fresh” and “working” to ensure that clients’ schedule expectations are fully met and round out the integrated service approach that is Mur-Cal’s unique and successful approach.

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